Stress is a thief that steals your quality of life.

Take Your Power Back.

Nervous System Ninja

Training by Dr. Renée Ostertag


Training With Dr. Renee Ostertag

Overwhelming life events (too much, too fast, too soon) wreak havoc on your nervous system for years… trapping you in a prison, locking pain in your body, controlling your mind like a dictator, and sabotaging your behavior.

And it’s not your fault!

It’s simply a (very difficult) feature of the human experience.

It’s also not permanent, no matter how it feels that way.

I know the way out — I’ve lived it.

I’d like to show you how to get there, too.

Tornado of Emotions: out of control, helpless, stressed out mind, hurting body

Let’s Get Started…

…You’re Invited…

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map of post traumatic growth

… open the door to life beyond panic, stress & pain

Phase 1

This phase is focused on thawing out frozen helplessness as it lives in your body, showing up as anxiety, depression, and other nagging physical issues.

Phase 2

This phase is geared towards getting you out of needless suffering. Take back control of your circuits, sensations, and emotions.

Phase 3

This phase is about teaching you to assassinate (for good!) the chokehold of past stress/trauma that hijacks your present and future.

This work shows…

Proven Results


93% improvement for depression


83% improvement for anxiety


81% improvement for stress

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Challenge Status Quo

From Pain to Gain.


Key Point #1

Every experience of pain is 3-dimensional: physical, emotional and social.


Key Point #2

These 3D circuits of pain are nearly identical in the brain… and activate when threat is perceived.


Key Point #3

This perception of threat happens in the nervous system below the level of conscious control… and it is NOT a character flaw.


Key Point #4

You can develop skills to change these circuits from threat to safety. Pain & stress need not be permanent!

Why Training

Is this for me?

If you have:

  • A Feeling of Being Out of Control
  • Lingering Past Traumatic Events
  • Debilitating, Overwhelming Stress
  • A Curious, Growth-Oriented Mindset
  • A Commitment to Learning



Not sure? Need some concrete data? No problem, take the DASS-21 quiz (validated, scientific tool) and see where your anxiety-stress-depression levels are at.

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Persistent Body “ICK”

Nagging pain, injuries or diagnoses that don’t resonate with you… and you refuse to accept this way of living as permanent. You believe change is possible and you’re willing to do the work to make it happen.

Past Trauma

You’re surviving and stable enough, but you KNOW there’s a more expansive quality of life available for you… you just need some help illuminating the disconnect between mind and body.

Funny Burrowing owl Athene cunicularia tilts its head outside it

Curious Mind

You’re devoted to learning, love personal growth and development and living the best version of yourself… you may even be a self-help junkie! There’s no better playground to explore than at the intersection of mind and body.

The Journey: How to Master Post-Traumatic Growth

The Map Back To Safety, Peace and Joy Within

Phase 1 – “I Can’t”

You’re exhausted, frustrated and depleted. This level focuses on filling you up with exercises, strategies and information to get fuel back in your tank.

This shows up like a warm fire on a cold night to thaw out the circuits of frozen helplessness within you.

Phase 2 – “I Can”

Your nervous system is holding onto the old trauma and pain (even though you want it all gone), because “better the devil you know”… it’s familiar and, therefore, biologically safe.

This phase is aimed towards helping identify and let go on a deeper level than you’ve known before.

Phase 3 – “I Choose”

As you have thawed out and let go, it creates space for new to come in. Your circuits now have greater access to the ability to assassinate for good the effects of your past stress/trauma on present and future quality of life.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein


Alchemize the impossible… to “I’m Possible”.

Video Transcript

Dr. Renee: Tell me about the WIN you just had.

Patient: The win I had was not having a back flare-up in over a year. And, by back flare-up, I mean complete pain that puts me out of commission for anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Dr. Renee: And, to what do you attribute this win to?

Patient: My awareness of stressors and how to self-regulate.

Dr. Renee: Awesome. Is this something you would recommend to other people?

Patient: 100%. Complete turnaround. It took a lot of work, and time & patience, but… very much well worth it.

Dr. Renee: Awesome.

Video Transcript

Hello, Dr. Renee!

It’s Doug McGee.

Thank you for being willing to contribute to our enrichment series as our guest speaker.

You are a unique soul.

And, for those of you who don’t know me… my name is Doug McGee and I am the founder of a personal leadership lifestyle, is what we call it, named Realm.Men.

Dr. Renee was our guest in our enrichment series… and… [chuckle]… she is so unique because she held the presence of almost 50 men on a virtual meeting… with not only the stories that she has about herself and her clients, but the science and the application of the science to actually integrate a lifestyle shift in our nervous system.

How’s that?!

So much of us spend time in reaction in our life, and Dr. Renee had the attention of a group of men who listened and then applied their learning into life and they’re still doing it.

We walked away with 3 dynamic tools that Dr. Renee shared with us, the science behind it, and then the tools & the application and how that would make an impact in our life.

So gratefully appreciative of your work, Dr. Renee, of your willingness to show up in a room of men, as the only woman and command their presence and have them walk away with incredibly powerful tools.

So… Grateful for you. Glad to know you. Glad to be in the world doing the work with you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Video Transcript

Patient: You’re desparate to have relief. You’re desparate. And, I thought, “I’ll go one time, and see what I think.” And, the first time I went, I could tell… it wasn’t a biggie, but at least there was improvement! But, I found ME doing the work.

Dr. Renee: <chuckle>

Patient: I had to go out there and do the work, too. But, you gave me so many wonderful tools. <speaking to audience> Doctor will give you great tools toward recovery. She has so many tools. And, especially for the individual. For me, she has my tools. I’m sure, for someone else that would come, she would have different tools. <speaking to Dr. Renee> But, you’re educated in that, you can tell that you know what you’re doing, and… it made an impression. <speaking to audience> Because I trust her, I really trust her.

“I feel better in my body at 56 than I did at age 26.”

Richard Schultz, Mortgage Loan Officer & Client

“Dr. Renée truly understands that mental stress can cause chronic pain in our bodies. She has helped me understand my stress triggers and develop a suite of tools that I can use to both reduce my stress level and control my chronic pain.”

Dr. Mariah Vanderkaamp, Scientist & Client

About Dr. Renée

Physical Therapist, Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a genuine, messy human who walks the walk.

– Chapter 1 –


When I was 11 years old, I watched my 47 year old healthy mother collapse to the ground from a brain aneurysm. She left my beloved childhood home for the last time on a stretcher. WIth her, went my ability to feel safe in the world.

Unbeknownst to myself, my nervous system spent 19 years in a state of high frozen collapse… getting by and pretending that I was ok – until it all caught up with me at the age of 30 in the form of a mental health crisis while living in Australia.

– Chapter 2 –

Repetitive Heartbreak
… on Repeat.

I kept trying to Rise Up from the Collapse in all the wrong places (and didn’t know I was doing it). Wrong places included: men, hyperachieving, people pleasing, perfectionism, medications, surgeries, and comparing myself to other people not believing I would ever be enough. Many would call this chapter Self-Sabotage.

The triggering event to my nervous breakdown (funny now, not at the time!) was a handsome Australian man (accent included) named Tim… who pretended to not hear me say “I love you” … and responded with “Wha’d ya say, mate? My left shoe?” (in a VERY strong Australian accent!)

– Chapter 3 –

My Heart Unlocked

The unexpected death (from COVID) of my healthy father 32 years after my mom’s death, allowed me to unlock and discover expansion in ways I hadn’t predicted or expected. His death, or birth, gave me a new Lease on Life. It held the keys that allowed me to unlock the doors that enabled me to see the map so clearly: the journey (physically, emotionally, and socially) from PTSD to PTSG (Post Traumatic Sustainable Growth).

We can be free from the embodied prison cell chains for overwhelming stress.

If you’d allow me to be, it would be an honor to serve as a tour guide as you develop your Ninja muscles to alchemize your nervous system circuits from threat to safety.

Think of me as a Personal Trainer for your mental health. 😊

Love, Renée


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have about the Nervous System Ninja program.